NFL Picks - Week 11, 2017

No time for idle chit chat. Let's get right to it, after a quick reminder that my season record, so far stands at an unofficial 95 & 51:

NFL Championship Game 1958
tennessee at PITTSBURGH

TAMPA BAY at miami
DETROIT at chicago
JACKSONVILLE at cleveland
BALTIMORE at green bay
ARIZONA at houston
la rams at MINNESOTA
washington at  NEW ORLEANS
KANSAS CITY at giants

BUFFALO at la chargers
cincinnati at DENVER
NEW ENGLAND at oakland


atlanta at SEATTLE

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NFL Picks - Week 10, 2017

To review, last week I managed to predict 9 cames correctly out of 13.  This brings my season total to 84 and 48.  Don't be too impressed.  This is week 10.  Anything can happen during any week, but week 10 is when we can wittness extremes in the NFL.  It should be interesting......

SEATTLE at arizona
Photo courtesy:  ETSY.COM

NEW ORLEANS at buffalo
GREEN BAY at chicago
cleveland at DETROIT
PITTSBURGH at indianapolis
chargers at JACKSONVILLE
JETS at tampa bay
cincinnati at TENNESSEE
minnesota at WASHINGTON

houston at LA RAMS
DALLAS at atlanta

NEW ENGLAND at denver

miami at CAROLINA

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NFL Picks - Week 9, 2017

Last week was unusual in that I correctly picked all 13 winners!! I don't thank that any of the screaming heads on any of the big shot TV sports networks can say that.

 Well. it's week Nine of the NFL season. Every year, NFL teams make adjustments.  The teams that have been doing poorly will make a few tweaks and do a little better.  The better teams will suffer injuries to their players and they'll have a few unexpected losses.  Plus, remember, we are dealing with overpaid, under educated jocks who have been sitting on pedestals sice they were able to walk and knock other people down.

Enough of that.  Here are the picks:

buffalo at JETS

atlanta at CAROLINA
indianapolis at HOUSTON
cincinnati at JACKSONVILLE
tampa bay at NEW ORLEANS
RAMS at giants
BALTIMORE at tennessee

ARIZONA at san francisco
washington at SEATTLE
kansas city at DALLAS

oakland at MIAMI

DETROIT at green bay

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NFL Picks - Week 8, 2017

This doesn't happen often, but I had a very good week, last week.  I picked 14 winners out of 15 games!  This brings my season total to a modest 63 & 43, unofficially.  So, here I am on a Sunday morning, sitting at the laptop, in my bathrobe, trying to make sense of the NFL.....
The picture, by the way, was taken in the men's room of a sports pub in Decatur, Illinois.  The name of the place is "The Draft."

Here we go:

miami at BALTIMORE

MINNESOTA at cleveland
oakland at BUFFALO
indianapolis at CINCINNATI
chargers at NEW ENGLAND
chicago at NEW ORLEANS
ATLANTA at jets
san francisco at PHILADELPHIA
CAROLINA at tampa bay

houston at SEATTLE
DALLAS at washington

PITTSBURGH at detroit

denver at KANSAS CITY


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