NFL Playoff Predictions - 2019

Last weekend was one to forget. I correctly called one out of four games.  In my defense, most of them were close.  This week, it's the same story.  Any team could win their respective game.  Here's what I think will happen:

INDIANAPOLIS at kansas city
dallas at L.A. RAMS

l.a. chargers at NEW ENGLAND
philadelphia at NEW ORLEANS

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Modern Quality

How many times have you heard an old fart say, "They just don't make things like they used to!"?

Plenty of times.  The saying goes back to the good old days, too.  Fifty years ago I heard the old timers complaining about quality.

The problem is that most people don't realize that JUNK has very little quality.  The truth is that when things are made, the main concern of the manufacturer is PROFIT.  If it's a name brand product, does it cost any more to make than an off-brand product?  Usually not.  People will spend a few dollars more for a name brand product and some people will spend stupid amounts of money for a "Designer" product.

But what about quality? 

Quality is usually an expense for the manufacturer.
Would you pay twice as much for a product that will last four times longer and which will accomplish twice as much at half the time?

Of course you would!  Or, you should.

The problem is that most of the products that we are being offered are JUNK.  Stuff that is designed to fall apart or to become obsolete, long before they should.

Is this because new things are being discovered and applied to existing products....or is is simply GREED?

Don't be silly, it's greed!  Anybody can be greedy. Not many of us can "build a better mousetrap."

My advice.  Don't waste your money on JUNK.  IF YOU REALLY NEED IT - Buy the best.  You'll always be happy with it.

That may sound smug.  Let's put it this way.  I know people who spend thousands of dollars to attend sporting events and who piss away thousands on vacations that they can't afford.  Meanwhile, the important "fixed assets" of their lives are falling apart....because they follow the status quo and settle for JUNK.

Please note:  Athletic shoes/sneakers do not follow this formula.  Billy Joel was right, "You get more mileage from a cheap pair of sneakers."

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So, last week I was 13 & 3. Not bad.

 This week it's a different story. All of these teams could win their respective games.  Of the four games, any or all could be decided by whatever their "weakest link" might be.  I also believe that luck has much to do with a playoff win.  Like I say, any of these teams could win their respective games.

SEATTLE at dallas

chargers at BALTIMORE
philadelphia at CHICAGO

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NFL Picks - Week 17, 2018

So, here we go with another week of predictions. Last week's picks were not posted to the blog, however, I picked 12 out of 16 correctly.

Here are this week's predictions:

miami at BUFFALO
DETROIT at green bay
jacksonville at HOUSTON
CAROLINA at new orleans
DALLAS at giants
atlanta at TAMPA BAY

CLEVELAND at baltimore
oakland at KANSAS CITY
CHICAGO at minnesota
cincinnati at PITTSBURGH
PHILADELPHIA at washington
CHARGERS at denver
san francisco at RAMS
arizona at SEATTLE

indianapolis at TENNESSEE

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