Need Cash?

Here's a little something that was given to me from a friend. It's from Craig's List and it may be real or it may be fake. Whatever. I would like to know if you have ever seen anything like this or if you've ever been made an offer like this?

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NFL Picks - Week 11, 2018

Looking at what is available this week, I see that it may be a big day for the visiting teams. I can go into greater detail, but in reality, I'm just guessing, here.

green bay at SEATTLE

DALLAS at atlanta
CINCINNATI at baltimore
CAROLINA at detroit
TENNESSEE at indianapolis
TAMPA BAY at giants
houston at WASHINGTON
PITTSBURGH at jacksonville

oakland at ARIZONA
denver at CHARGERS
philadelphia at NEW ORLEANS

minnesota at CHICAGO

kansas city at RAMS

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NFL Picks - Week 10, 2018

First, Happy Veterans Day....smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Last week was not bad.   I went 9 & 4.  Like I say, not bad, but there's room for improvement.
Here we go:

carolina at PITTSBURGH

detroit at CHICAGO
NEW ORLEANS at cincinnati
ATLANTA at cleveland
jacksonville at INDIANAPOLIS
arizona at KANSAS CITY
buffalo at JETS
WASHINGTON at tampa bay
NEW ENGLAND at tennessee

CHARGERS at oakland
miami at GREENBAY
seattle at RAMS



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NFL Picks - Week 9

Last week wasn't bad. I picked 11 games correctly out of 14. I might even want to watch a game or two, today.

Here are my picks for Week 9.....

oakland at SAN FRANCISCO

pittsburgh at BALTIMORE
CHICAGO at buffalo
tampa bay at CAROLINA
KANSAS CITY at cleveland
jets at MIAMI
detroit at MINNESOTA
atlanta at WASHINGTON

HOUSTON at denver
chargers at SEATTLE

green bay at NEW ENGLAND

tennessee at DALLAS

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NFL Picks - Week 8, 2018

This is a little late, but the picks were made before any of the games began.  It's been one of those days.  It took me half an hour to get on-line.  Constant interruptions don't help, either.

Here are the picks:

miami at HOUSTON

PHILADELPHIA at jacksonville
BALTIMORE at jacksonville
jets at CHICAGO
tampa bay at CINCINNATI
seattle at DETROIT
denver at KANSAS CITY
WASHINGTON at giants
cleveland at PITTSBURGH

san francisco at ARIZONA
GREEN BAY at rams

NEW ORLEANS at minnesota

NEW England at buffalo

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