NFL Picks - Week 1, 2018

This is probably a waste of time.  I find myself caring less and less about the NFL and its corporate sponsors.  I'll do this, anyway for myself and for anyone who cares to read this.  Here we go...


PITTSBURGH at cleveland
CINCINNATI at indianapolis
TENNESSEE at miami
san francisco at MINNESOTA
houston at NEW ENGLAND
TAMPA BAY at new orleans
jacksonville at GIANTS
buffalo at BALTIMORE

kansas city at L.A. CHARGERS
seattle at DENVER
washington at ARIZONA
dallas at CAROLINA
chicago at GREEN BAY

jets at DETROIT
L.A. RAMS at oakland

This week:  11 & 5

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Sometimes the events in our world can be rather overwhelming. A police officer from a neighboring city was killed in the line of duty. This happened in a city of fewer than 70,000 people. Cop killings are not common, here. The surrounding area is shaken up, as you might expect. Then, I see the attached pictures posted on Facebook and I realize that there are people who care about such things. There are people who do things not only because they can, but because they care. Check out the pictures!

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NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks - 2018

Wild Card Weekend has always been difficult for me. Most of the teams that are playing are "lucky" to be in the playoffs at all. These are being posted late, but the picks were actuall made well in advance of the actual games.

tennessee at KANSAS CITY
atlanta at L.A. RAMS

CAROLINA at new orleans

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NFL Picks - Week 17, 2017

Last week's predictions were not posted. What can I say....except that I was busy.....getting the house reay for Santa's arrival. I DID make the picks and was 12 & 4. That puts my season record at 163 and 76. (ESPN are you reading this?) Week 17 means little to many of the teams. It means more to certain individual players who have questionable futures in the League. It's a "team" sport. Here's how the schedule looks to me......

No special reason for adding this picture, 
except that I think it looks good.
green bay at DETROIT
chicago at MINNESOTA
WASHINGTON at giants
cleveland at PITTSBURGH

CAROLINA at atlanta
cincinnati at BALTIMORE
BUFFALO at miami
NEW ORLEANS at tampa bay
jacksonville at TENNESSEE
KANSAS CITY at denver
oakland at CHARGERS
san francisco at RAMS
arizona at SEATTLE

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