National Anthem

I love watching the NFL on TV.    I'll watch any team at any time.

I noticed recently that something's missing.  During the networks' coverage, they have not been airing the National Anthem.  The players' protests during the playing of the anthem has been well documented. 

Protesting in the USA is nothing new.  There are many ways to protest.   I have a problem with anybody protesting (for any reason) during the playing of our National Anthem.

Most Americans agree whith what I've written so far.   The broadcast networks and the NFL do not want their customers to be unhappy with this ongoing situation.  The short term remedy is to not broadcast the National Anthem.  No reference is made to it.  It's simply not covered!

As a public service, we at the blog have supplied a link to the playing of the entire National Anthem.

Also, if you hate living in the United States, your protests are probably not going to cause you to love living here.  You are free to leave.  Yes, that's one of the freeedoms given to you at birth, here in the USA.  You are free to leave at any time.  There are a few countries in the world where you can't leave.  Here, you can and I encourage you to do so.  Trust me, by staying here you're not doing anybody any favors.

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NFL Picks - Week 6, 2017

Through week 5, I am 43 and 34.  That's not extremely impressive unless you consider the inconsistant neanderthals who we allow to play this game.  I'm not going to fry my brain in making these picks.  I've found that the MORE logic that you use, the less success you have in making these predictions.
Well, it's raining in my area, so I might be watching some football, today.

PHILADELPHIA at carolina

miami at ATLANTA
chicago at BALTIMORE
Somebody took a picture of me
as I was taking a picture of some kids playing football
cleveland at HOUSTON
GREEN BAY at minnesota
detroit at NEW ORLEANS
san francisco at WASHINGTON

TAMPA BAY at arizona
pittsburgh at KANSAS CITY
chargers at OAKLAND

giants at DENVER

indianapolis at TENNESSEE

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NFL Picks - Week 5, 2017

Last week, I did not post my picks on the blog. In case you're wondering, I was 10 & 6.  The reason that I didn't post my picks was simply because I was too busy.  Last Saturday, for example, I photographed 4 Elementary School football games.  Each was more satisfying to me than any NFL game.

Let's get to work.  Here are my picks:

NEW ENGLAND at tampa bay

BUFFALO at cincinnati
JETS at cleveland
carolina at DETROIT
SAN FRANCISCO at indianapolis
TENNESSEE at miami
chargers at GIANTS
jacksonville at PITTSBURGH

seattle at RAMS
BALTIMORE at oakland
GREEN BAY at dallas

KANSAS CITY at houston

MINNESOTA at chicago

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NFL Picks - Week 3, 2017

Week two's picks were not posted, but they were entrusted to my personal accountant who tells me that I was 10 & 6. This gives me a two week record of 20 & 11.

Here are my picks for week 3:

LA RAMS at san francisco

BALTIMORE "at" jacksonville
DENVER at buffalo
new orleans at CAROLINA
PITTSBURGH at chicago
atlanta at DETROIT
CLEVELAND at indianapolis
tampa bay at MINNESOTA
houston at NEW ENGLAND
MIAMI at jets
GIANTS at philadelphia

SEATTLE at tennessee
cincinnati at GREEN BAY
KANSAS CITY at la chargers

OAKLAND at washington

dallas at ARIZONA

General Tom's Season Record through 3 weeks:  25 & 22

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NFL Picks - Week 1, 2017

T As we approach gametime, I am writing my picks. You'll have to trust me that the TV is not turned on. Here we go.....

kansas city at NEW ENGLAND

jets at BUFFALO
ATLANTA at chicago
BALTIMORE at cincinnati
PITTSBURGH at cleveland
ARIZONA at detroit
jacksonville at HOUSTON
oakland at TENNESSEE
PHILADELPHIA at  washington

indianapolis at LOSS ANGELES
$eattle at GREEN BAY
CAROLINA at san francisco

GIANTS at dallas

new orleans at MINNESOTA
chargers at DENVER


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