NFL Picks ~ Week 6, 2019

So far this season I am 40-22-1 in my picks.  That's about average.  It's a little difficult this week since many of the "Under achieving" teams are playing each other.  It's a case where both teams SHOULD lose, but which one?

Here goes.........

giants at NEW ENGLAND

CAROLINA "at" tampa bay
philadelphia at MINNESOTA
houston at KANSAS CITY
new orleans at JACKSONVILLE
SEATTLE at cleveland
cincinnati at BALTIMORE

SAN FRANCISCO at l.a. rams
atlanta at ARIZONA
DALLAS at jets
TENNESSEE at denver

pittsburgh at L.A. CHARGERS

detroit at GREEN BAY

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NFL Picks - Week 5, 2019

Last week was an extremely busy one for me. I didn't manage my time well enough to make my picks.  I'll probably be too busy to see any of the games, this week, but that's OK.
Here are my picks for Week 5:

los angeles rams at SEATTLE

jacksonville at CAROLINA
arizona at CINCINNATI
atlanta at HOUSTON
tampa bay at NEW ORLEANS
MINNESOTA at giants
CHICAGO at oakland
BALTIMORE at pittsburgh
buffalo at TENNESSEE
NEW ENGLAND at washington

denver at L.A. CHARGERS
green bay at DALLAS
indianapolis at KANSAS CITY

cleveland at SAN FRANCISCO

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NFL Picks - Week 3, 2019

Going into week 3, I am 20-10-1.  This looks to be a relatively easy week for picks.  Let's see if I am right.........

tennessee at JACKSONVILLE

cincinnati at BUFFALO
miami at DALLAS
denver at GREEN BAY
ATLANTA at indianapolis
baltimore at KANSAS CITY
oakland at MINNESOTA

carolina at ARIZONA
giants at TAMPA BAY
HOUSTON at L.A. Chargers
new orleans at SEATTLE
pittsburgh at SAN FRANCISCO

L.A. RAMS at cleveland

CHICAGO at washington

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NFL Picks ~ Week 2, 2019

Last week we got off to a good start going 12 & 3 & 0.  It probably will not be as good this week.  Wager responsibly!

TAMPA BAY at carolina
If they looked like this in the Army, I would have stayed in.

SAN FRANCISCO at cincinnati
la chargers at DETROIT
minnesota at GREEN BAY
jacksonville at HOUSTON
NEW ENGLAND at miami
buffalo at GIANTS
seattle at PITTSBURGH
indianapolis at TENNESSEE
DALLAS at washington

kansas city at OAKLAND
chicago at DENVER
NEW ORLEANS at la rams


cleveland at JETS

Here's a tip:  Don't put too much faith in the predictions on the NFL web site.  They often give picks that are only meant to make you more likely to watch the game.
I don't care if you watch the game or not.  Re-runs of Bonanza are often more enjoyable than some of these games.

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