Thoughts On The 2010 Census

The 2010 Census has to be the dumbest government program EVER! Why would I say that? Haven't I been watching the commercials on TV? Didn't I see the Super Bowl Commercial? Yeah, I did....and they were dumb, too. The program is costing you (and me) more than $18 billion dollars to count 300+ million people. Can anybody in the room do math? I know that there are a lot of zeros to mess with, but this comes out to about $57 for each person counted. Here's my idea. No advertising. Send out news releases to all media outlets including E!, TMZ, Extra, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, The National Enquirer - you get the picture. Make it so that, if you follow instructions and fill out the census form correctly, you take it to the Post Office and get $50 cash! Since most households contain two or more people, I cut the cost of the census (at least) in half and put $50 in the hands of each American household. This money would probably be quickly wasted or as we say in the business world, the economy would be stimulated! Much of each $50 bill would go straight back to the government through sales tax, excise tax, income tax, etc.

I know that I deserve some money for this idea, probably a six figure amount. That's OK. My real job is a little shaky....maybe Mr. Obama could appoint me "Blog Czar" or something like that. "General Tom, Blog Czar" - Yeah, I'd like that.

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