Bridgewater Boondoggle

This really happened. It's probably not unique when you consider the amount of short tempered egotistical irresponsible jerks that we have running our local cities and towns...

Tom Coulter filed a complaint back in 2008 saying he was charged $5 for a CD recording of a boring city council meeting, when he should have only been charged the cost of the physical CD, amounting to about 96 cents.

The case went to court and dragged on & on and when Coulter won the case, the City of Bridgewater, New Jersey ended up paying $14,000 in defense fees, $3,500 to Coulter for his fees, and on top of that, a $4.04 refund for the pricey CD. That's a loss of $17,504.04.
It used to be, "You can't fight City Hall!" Now you long as you are right and as long as your lawyer is smarter than theirs!

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