The MOST Popular Thing On TV

Reality shows? Sitcoms? Dramas? Documentaries? News? Talk shows? Nope! The most popular thing on American TV is NFL Football! We love to watch the teams we love. We also love to watch the teams we don't love as we root against them.

Of the 20 highest-rated telecasts of any kind so far this television season, (since September) 18 have been N.F.L. games on CBS, NBC or Fox. In terms of the best of 2010, nothing else comes close. Of the 50 highest-rated programs during the calendar year, 27 have been N.F.L. games, including 8 of the top 10. The CBS games are up 10% over last season while Fox is up 2%.

Why do we love to watch the NFL so much? These things come to mind, maybe you have some of your own reasons to share:
- The outcomes are uncertain. The nature of the game and the talent distribution guarantees us that there is rarely a guaranteed winner.
- Technology is better than ever. HD TV gives us a great rectangular picture of a rectangular game. Sound is better. Announcers (except for Joe Buck) are better, too.
- Frequent commercial breaks are predictable, so we can plan trips to the refrigerator, bathroom, etc.

Yes, the NFL on TV is more successful now than ever.

As the world economy crumbles, it's nice to see that something is thriving.

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