Pardon Billy The Kid? No Kidding!

Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid
This is disturbing - to me. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is seriously considering a formal pardon of Billy The Kid!

Richardson leaves office at the end of the week. He's served 2 terms as Governor of New Mexico and this is what's on his mind as he finishes up?

I know very little about Richardson, but he sounds like he's just another screwball politician who is out of touch with reality.

Gov. Bill says that Billy the Kid made a deal in 1879 to testify in an important case. The deal was made with Governor Lew Wallace. (You get extra credit if you recognize Lew Wallace as the author of "Ben Hur.") In return, The Kid gets a full pardon. Mr. The Kid agreed but skipped town and was shot down by Sheriff Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881. Descendants of Garrett's have been vocal opponents to the pardon.

Billy the Kid was born Henry McCarty in New York City in 1859. As a young boy, his family moved west. He was very good at killing people and at escaping from prison. He changed his name to William Bonney as he traveled the west, killing people and raising hell. Billy The Kid died at age 21.

A pardon makes no sense. A pardon is a personal insult to the descendants of his victims and to all good people who think that murder is a bad thing.

Can we let sleeping dogs lie and take care of more important things?

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