Banned Words From 2010

These words are not really banned, but they should be! They are trite and trendy, and when you use them, they make you seem trite and trendy.

Actually, these words were compiled by Lake Superior State University. (Home of the Lakers!) These folks do this every year. For this we are annually grateful.

1. Viral.
2. Epic.
3. Fail.
4. Wow Factor.
5. A-ha Moment.
6. Back story.
7. BFF.
8. Man up.
9. Refudiate.
10. Mama Grizzlies.
11. The American People
12. I’m Just Sayin’
13. Facebook/Google as a verb
14. Live Life to the Fullest


Anonymous said...

They forgot one: My Bad.


From Stagger Lee

General Tom said...

You're right, my bad!