Monday Foto - Celina Ramos

Happy Monday! Today, we begin the week with an inspirational picture of Celina Ramos.

I don't know anything about this lady, except that if you click the image, you'll get the full effect!

Have a great week!

Update:  In the comment section, someone claiming to be Celina Ramos requested that I remove this picture.
I did.
To see several pictures of this woman, click here.


Anonymous said...

This is Celina Ramos aka Honey. If you want to see more of her checkout

Anonymous said...

Really? Do we really consider this person(TRASH)to be inspirational? I looked at the website above! Ahh, Really is that a mean joke a "LATIN-FINEST" dancer!(LMAO) I sure hope her mamma is proud of the disgrace she is. All those trashy looking people on that site look like the lowest form of sh*t

General Tom said...

You may have a point, there, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Just as easily as the above choice worded commentator googled Ms. Ramos, as did I. I'm very much in favor of those having there own opinion when it comes down to it. However, I've had the pleasure to meet this inspirational and gorgeous woman. I met her recently and was so intrigued by her beauty, much more beautiful in person. She is a classy professional and her breathtaking images have been found all over the web. I disagree with the above comments. You obviously hold a personal sort of issue with this woman or wouldn't have gone out of your way to admire her with such hate enough to trash talk her. Shame on you for placing such a disgusting display of your self worth. I say that due to the maturity and integrity you hold. Misery loves company. I'll enjoy looking at this models images more no that I see she is envied.

General Tom said...

Let's remember, these are personal OPINIONS. We may not agree on everything, but we do have a right to our opinions, right?

Celina Ramos said...

This photograph needs to be removed immediately.
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