2 1/2 Men Season Debut

What's wrong with this picture?

The season premier of Two and a Half men aired a few hours ago. This is the one where Ashton Kutcher replaces Charlie Sheen.

I saw the show and guess what I saw?


Kutcher is a handsome guy, but in the show he looked like a reject from that Caveman show... you know the Geico Insurance commercial spin off that became a sitcom and lasted for two or three episodes. Who is it, in Hollywood, who decides to take a good looking kid and tells him to grow an ugly beard and to not get a haircut for two months?  Kutcher looked creepy...or maybe I'm getting old...but I think I know "creepy" when I see it...

The show had a few funny lines.  Trying to get laughs at a funeral service is a bit odd, I thought.  The remaining crew members did well, but something was missing.  Call it a spark of some kind. We knew that without Charlie Sheen, that the show would be different.  Judging from tonight, I'd say that it didn't get better.   I think they "Jumped The Shark" on this one.

The picture, below was taken backstage at the Emmys, on Sunday. To my knowledge, this is an actual picture which has not been Photoshopped. What do you think the conversation sounded like?

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