Where's The Beef?

Twenty eight years ago Wendy's hit a home run with their "Where's The Beef? TV ad campaign. The series features 81 year old Clara Peller of Chicago. Click for one of her many ads.

Well, Clara has left us...and Wendy's needs something. McDonalds is dominating the fast food biz and the others seem to be standing by...watching.

Wendy's is trying to re-introduce the "Where's The Beef?" ad campaign. Sad. Sad because it's an admission that they have no fresh ideas to promote their stuff. Hey guys, it doesn't fly! It's flat...it's not "New" and "Bold"...IT'S LAME. Your message is saying that your burgers haven't improved in 28 years!

Where's The Beef? No, "Where's the creativity?"

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