Free Gas in NY?

Something doesn't feel right about this. It was announced today that Hurricane Sandy victims will be receiving free gas! Let's throw some facts in, here. About 36 million gallons of gasoline will be available in 10 gallon increments, distributed by mobile fuel trucks in NYC & Wrong Island.  By the time you read this, it'll all be gone. NY Gov. Cuomo announced this. Where is the gas from? If it's free, who's paying for it? (Pardon me, but I'm enough of a tightwad to ask.)  The gas is from the Department of Defense. You remember the Department of Defense - they're the people who keep our embassies safe.

The gasoline problem in the NY area, post-Sandy, has been a lack of electricity to operate the pumps. It has also been due to a lack of supply, due to power outages and flooding conditions. It's not because the public can't afford the stuff! This is the United States. If you can't afford something, you do without! Then you get a job, so you have money to buy stuff.

Why the free gas? It's an appetizer for the banquet which we call election day.  Irony?  NY is already considered an "Obama State."
How much gas do you need to change your vote?

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