NFL Picks - Week 3, 2013

NFL Week3 Predictions
Last week was a pretty good one for me. I picked 12 winning teams correctly out of 16 games. This puts my season total at 19 & 13 over a span of only two weeks. This week could be different. The good teams are playing good teams and the so-so teams are playing so-so teams.
What I'm saying is, anything can happen....

Here are my picks:

KANSAS CITY at philadelphia

HOUSTON at baltimore
giants at CAROLINA
GREEN BAY at cincinnati
st. louis at DALLAS
cleveland at MINNESOTA
tampa bay at NEW ENGLAND
arizona at NEW ORLEANS
SAN DIEGO at tennessee
DETROIT at washington

ATLANTA at miami
BUFFALO at jets
jacksonville at SEATTLE
indianapolis at SAN FRANCISCO

CHICAGO at pittsburgh

oakland at DENVER

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