Super Jock Signs Off

Larry Lujack, Super Jock
I just received a text from our morning guy, Dean McNeil. He tells me that Chicago Disc Jockey Larry Lujack died tonight. I used to listen to "Uncle Lar" every morning when I was just starting out in radio. Lujack was special...every day! Great voice, dry humor, quick wit, simple tastes. There was something else about Lujack. He seemed to be an odd fit for Chicago radio, always a little world weary, but, Chicago loved him. They loved his "Klunk Letter of the Day", "Animal Stories", and "Cheap Trashy Show Biz Report." He was also referred to as Superjock, Lawrence of Chicago, Uncle Lar, and King of the Corn Belt. He worked at 15 different stations during his career. He'd probably want you to think that he was fired from half of them.

Lujack had heart problems. He used to joke, on the air, about having heart attacks. He died after a battle with cancer. He was 73.

R.I.P. Super Jock

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