Rocky Mountain High

Pot:  Cool in Colorado
Pot is now legal in Colorado! As of January 1, 2014, the sale, possession and use of marijuana in Colorado is legal. 

Here are the basics: Anyone over the age of 21 with a Colorado ID can purchase up to an ounce of marijuana at a licensed store. Buyers also cannot take marijuana out of the state, cannot drive while under the influence of marijuana, cannot consume pot publicly, and cannot resell it. 

I've been reading about this and I still have some questions. Is store bought pot as good, as potent, as the stuff you buy on the street? Is it cheaper or more expensive, now?  Can we now grow the stuff in our back yards?  Did Colorado legalize Marijuana for the wrong reasons? Is this a political money grab, thinking that people are going to light up anyway, why not tax it? 

Also you no longer need to arrest, prosecute and jail people for selling and using the stuff...unless, of course, they break the new laws. I don't see anything wrong with legalizing the stuff. More laws to enforce? 

Radical, dude!

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