HS Kid Suspended For Shirt

Shane Kinney wearing the "offensive" shirt
This actually happened last week at a High School in upstate New York. 16 year old Shane Kinney a Sophomore from Grand Island was told to remove the shirt that you see in the picture. He was told by the vice principal, Mr. Laurua, to wear the shirt, inside-out, or to put duct tape over the words. Shane refused.  He was put in a "suspension room" and was forced to eat lunch by himself as he waited for his father to bring another shirt.

Shane says that he is not angry about this and that he thinks that this episode is due to political agenda rather than school policy. Officials at the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might insight or encourage “violent activities.”

With crap like this going on, it's no wonder that kids hate school.
The only thing that I see wrong, looking at the picture, is that there's snow on the ground.
A long sleeved shirt may have made more sense...

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