Bye Bayh!

Make no mistake about it, I never liked the guy. I didn't like him as a Governor and I didn't like him as a Senator. Today he announced that he would not run for re-election. (Evan also has been fashionable) For those of you who may not know, Bayh is serving the final year of his second term as Indiana Senator. Prior to that he served two terms as Indiana Governor.

The picture that you see, here, is his official Senate portrait. He sure is pretty! Weeedoggie we've got some pretty boys, here in Indiana! Not that he grew up in Indiana, but that's another story. You see our boy Bayh wanted to be President. That wasn't working out for him, so he started making nice with Hillary, hoping to be picked for Vice President. Well, he hitched his wagon to the wrong horse - Obama got the nomination. Obama overlooked Bayh and chose Biden for his running mate. So, when Bayh announced, today, that he's "out", Obama gets pissed. Why? Well, there's a real good chance that there will be one fewer Democrat in the Senate - particularly a guy like Bayh who voted for whatever Obama would offer. When you can't think for yourself, you go with the flow! I liked Bayh's father, Birch, even less when he served as Indiana Senator. He really set off my Internal Bullsh*t Meter!

But, for some reason, Hoosiers love their Bayhs, both Evan and Birch. Today is a happy day for me. You see, I don't like phonies, you know, people who speak out of both sides of their mouth. It's kind of like 10 pounds of manure in an 8 pound bag.

So, what will Evan Bayh do next year when he's out of the Senate? Probably work 10 hours a week for a large, big shot Indy law firm. He could also find someone to help him write a book! Get your crayons.

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