American Idol - Season 10

American Idol
I just finished watching the first episode of American Idol for the 2011 season. Even though I'm older than dirt, I like the show!

This year two of the three judges are new. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez debuted, tonight. I knew that Jennifer Lopez would do well. She's a well rounded performer...singing, dancing and know.

Tyler...I wasn't so sure about this guy. When I think of Tyler, I think of sex, drugs & rock and roll. You know, the whole 70's scene. He's old, I'm old....I wasn't sure if American Idol was the place for him.....

I was surprised! He was funny - at times - and seemed to be enjoying himself and was coherent in his opinions. This could work.

I had heard that this would be a more civil or a kinder, gentler panel of judges. Yeah, I think it is. Better than past years? No. Not better, not worse....just different, and interesting.

I'll watch.

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