Long John Silver, A&W - To Go...

The parent company of A&W Restaurants and Long John Silver wants to sell the brands.

Yum! brands owns the two restaurant chains. They also own Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut.

Yum's CEO explains, "We do not believe Long John Silver's and A&W-All American Food restaurants fit into our long-term growth strategy."

The truth is, 65% of Yum's profits come from overseas, especially China. The percentage of profits in foreign markets is on the rise and has tripled in 12 years for Yum!

You know, I think that this is all kinda funny. I eat at home...a lot. I brown bag at work. When wifey and I eat outside the home, we go to a real restaurant! These fast food places are OK... I guess... to fill up your belly.

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