Chicago Car Salesman Canned For Wearing Packer Tie

John Stone

This is rich! This is so close to me, it's ridiculous!

There's a 34 year old car salesman named John Stone. Until Monday, he worked at Webb Chevrolet in Oaklawn, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. John has two kids and he's a good salesman. He's been at Webb Chevy for less than 2 months and he sold 14 cars, last month. I should point out that selling 14 cars in DECEMBER is a feat....especially in his first full month at the place!

Here's the point of the story. You may remember that the Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears, at Soldier Field in Chicago, on Sunday. (So far this has nothing to do with car sales, right?) Well... the next day, John Roberts wears a Green Bay Packers tie to work. You can see it in the picture. He was told to remove it. He did not. His General Manager, Jerry Roberts, ordered him to remove the tie. In all, he was told at least 5 times to remove the tie. He did not. He was fired.

Jerry Roberts, General Manager
A couple of things here....if your General Manager tells you to do something, you should probably do it. If your General Manager threatens to fire you if you don't do something... you should probably do it. (This is where you get witnesses & record the occurrence with your cell phone.) If your General Manager is a yuppie jerk who has practically no experience in the car business, you should allow for some possible reckless behavior and questionable decision making - do what he says. A better General Manager would have handled the situation better. He also would have known that salesmen who deliver 14 cars, in December, don't "grow on trees."
They both screwed up.

You know, it's sad to get old! I'm old enough to remember living in a country where we were free to root for the team of our choice. Come on, the guy is tastefully dressed! If a "buying customer" were turned off by the tie, I'm sure that Stone would have taken it off, and sold the car! No customer confrontation was caused by wearing the tie.

Footnote: Webb Chevrolet spends $20,000 per month on advertising on WBBM Radio's Chicago Bears broadcasts.

Oh, one last thing, you may have noticed that John Stone is a black man. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson may have an opinion to offer on this...

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