Leah & Holly Off "The Talk"

Here's a confession for you: I watch "The Talk" everyday!  "The Talk" is a daily talk show with 5 women who talk about "things." They also interview guests.

Like I say, I watch the show everyday, recorded from the afternoon. The show began its new season, last week, without Holly Robinson Peete or Leah Remini. I thought their absence was odd. Later I found out that they were each fired from the show! I say fired, actually their contracts were not renewed. That's show biz language for getting fired. The show averages 2 million viewers per day. Watching it for the last week, without Holly or Leah, it's been blah. You know, like eating a Big Mac without the special sauce.

If the producers of "The Talk" wanted better ratings, I could have told them what to do. It is an age old formula. Ed Sullivan, the most bland person to ever appear on TV, knew the formula.

Get the best guests available.

This means the hottest (at the moment), the most meaningful and, over time, the largest variety.

The problem with The Talk is that their guests are "B listers."

The former hosts made a good, diverse, team. They were far more interesting than, say, Ed Sullivan.

CBS, you screwed up!

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