General Tom's 2012 Christmas Message

It's another Christmas. This holiday means different things to different people. For kids, it's a visit from Santa Claus. They get gifts from a child loving fat guy who lives at the North Pole. Sounds shallow, but adults think about when they were younger and they got the gifts.

It's also a time to be spent with relatives and to think about the important people in our lives who have passed on. We should also think about our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who are away from home, serving in the military. Most of all, we should remember that Christmas represents the birth of Christ. Believe in him or not, he was the one who brought a whole new way of thinking to the world - you know, love one another...

Think about this when you watch the news on TV or if you're still one of those who reads a newspaper. It might be a good idea at this time to spend minding our own business and to be a little kinder to others, without trying to force our beliefs on them. So, I'll say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

It is human nature to imitate people whom we respect. If you try to be a better person, maybe others will copy you.

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