School Shooting in Newtown, CT

Face of Evil: Adam Lanza
I have been watching news coverage of this extremely sad story. There's a feeling that I get that this tragedy did not NEED to happen! I'm not talking about gun control, either.

Couple of points, first: Why was a substitute Kindergarten teacher owning two assault-type rifles, leaving them unsecured in a house that she shared with her mentally challenged son?
Second, are we giving too much coverage to this story? While the magnitude of the story may demand extra attention, someone should be concerned with the "copycat" possibility. Remember, there are a lot of (untreated) crackpots out there! Their ticket to instant fame is something like this. Crazy? Of course it is.

Someone said that they think that teachers should be armed.

Whatever the solution may be, don't look for answers from politicians. Their only concern is getting re-elected.

Remember, never store gasoline near an open flame!

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