Singer Fontella Bass dies at 72

Another celebrity obituary. I notice that Fontella Bass has died. She was 72.

 Her family says that in recent years, she suffered a series of strokes and that she died of complications from a recent heart attack. Sad.

We know her best from her 1965 hit record, "Rescue Me." It seems odd to me that a talented person can be so successful for only a short period of time. The woman had talent. If she had hit the music scene, 40 years later than she did, she may have been a major star! The music business was different in 1965 than it is today. Back then, if you could sing and if you were lucky, you might be able to have a hit record. Today, it's ALL IMAGE! If your image can make money, there's no limit to the number of hit records you can have!

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