Screwy Story

William Marotta
William Marotta is a mechanic, living in Topeka, Kansas. Back in '09 he sees, on Craig's List, that a lesbian couple needs a sperm donor.

 He provides, a doctor is not used for the artificial insemination, papers are signed and voila! A baby is born to Jennifer Schreiner and her girlfriend Angela Bauer. Marotta has little or no contact with the child, per the paperwork. After a while, the two lesbians split. Angela Bauer had been supporting the child but she gets sick and can't work. Schreiner, the birth mother, goes on welfare, getting $189/month for the baby until a $6,000 medical bill pops up for the child. State of Kansas goes after Marotta for child support.

Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner

There are several ways to look at this. Sure, his blood is pumping through the baby girl's veins...and that could mean something to some people. BUT, the lesbian parents made a deal that he would be "out of the picture!"

 My take on this? (You knew this was coming, right?) I don't care if there are two mommies, here and no daddy.  My preference, if I were the child, would be to have two different genders (one of each) heading the household. The physical laws of nature don't agree with homosexual reproduction, but screw nature! Marotta is a victim, here. He should be let off the hook...even if he is a white male. The main issue is that the little girl should not be the victim! The mommies should have had insurance! That would have been the responsible route.  They also should have used a doctor and a standard legal document.  This would have eliminated any possible liability for Mr. Marotta.  The state of Kansas has no proof that Marotta and Schreiner were or were not lovers!

It's interesting, I discovered this story at CNN's web site. They did not mention the women's names, at all!

I wonder why?

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