Subway's 11" Footlong

Photo: Matt Corby/Facebook
I don't care for franchise fast food. In my mind, it reduces us to "sheep" as the individuality in lunchtime choices is basically the same if you are in Brooklyn, Atlanta or Denver or anywhere.  Let's face it, a Big Mac is tasty, but boring. It hasn't changed in more than 40 years!

This story deals with the hip & healthy fast fooder, Subway. Matt Corby is from Australia. He posted this picture to Subway's Facebook page and has gathered some attention. For me, this is just another reason to steer clear of the fast food hype. I think it's fake food. This is why I prefer to eat at locally owned and operated restaurants.

The problem is that not enough restaurants are owned by chefs. Instead, they are owned by wealthy businessmen who think it's OK to cheat their customers of an entire inch of their product.

Wouldn't it be a much better story if someone discovered that Subway's Footlong measured 13 inches?

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