All Star Apprentice - March 3, NBC

Them, again?
I would like to think of NBC as the Deja Vu Television Network. Why? In part, because of shows like tomorrow's debut of "The All Star Apprentice." Didn't we see (or avoid seeing) this one, already? I think that Nielsen will prove that Celebrity Apprentice has "Jumped The Shark." It's time has come and has gone. Seeing celebrity "B listers" who are spoiled and who can't do normal things, really is no longer entertaining. At least not to me. This would a major presentation on a "cable network," but not on a major broadcast TV network.

We know why NBC is airing this show, don't we? Because, like it or not, Donald Trump is still a powerful man. He has a budget which he could easily take to another network. NBC wants to keep Trump happy. This way, they keep Miss Universe and whatever else the Donald comes up with. It's all about the money. You can't really blame NBC too much. Ya know, for a small amount of cash, I'd watch the show.

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