Facebook Facelift

Facebook facelift?
Facebook is at it again! The world's largest social media site announced this week that they will be making chances to their (our) newsfeed page.

The newsfeed page is where we see what our friends have been up to. Before we panic, please consider that the Facebook folks are trying to improve things. Why? Money, honey! They are a publicly traded company. A little bit of positive excitement could increase the value of their stock! Good for them. What about us?

We don't know exactly what they have up their sleeve. The adjoining picture is a possible/partial preview. We may be able to customize our view of our newsfeed page. If we can see more information at a glance, that's a good thing, right? This is similar to my decision to switch this blog's format to the "dynamic" version. You have the option of viewing this thing in a variety of formats. Look to the upper left, where it probably says "classic." Hover over "classic" and a menu will offer you other options. I prefer "classic" so you may see the entire script of my post. You may prefer the flipcard view or the magazine or timeline. I think it's cool to offer you a choice. Visits to this blog have increased since I made the change in January. I am nearing 1 million hits. More on that within the next 60 days.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Facebook's newsfeed facelift. It's coming as early as Friday, March 8.

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