Support for Kobe

Support for Kobe!
This is a story that could happen anywhere. It is happening in the little town where I live. Kobe is a high school kid. He's a basketball player. He was born with a bad heart and needed a transplant when he was only 7 days old. He's in High School, now, and he needs another heart. If he doesn't get one, he will die. His name is on the organ donor list and collectively, the entire town of 4,000 people has their fingers crossed that we will hear some good news very soon.

I mentioned that Kobe plays basketball. Yes, but not this year. This year he's on the bench as a team manager.

As a fundraiser, tee shirts have been made with his initials printed over a red heart, on the front. On the back of the shirt is Kobe's uniform number, 21, and the word "BELIEVE." The team wears these shirts during their warm ups. Fans wear the shirts, too - at games, at the local Wal-Mart - anywhere. Last Friday our team played at home and the opposing team comes out on the court to warm up and they were wearing - "Kobe Tee Shirts!" Class act.

We don't know how this story will end. The solution is a heart transplant. Kobe's neighbors can't give him one...we can only give him our support while waiting for the organ donor.

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