Facebook Losing Kids

A study from iStrategy came out today. It released some interesting trends about Facebook's
Facebook, recently: Young exit, olders join
performance during the past three years. First, membership is up by 22%. This looks good, except that the increase has been with older people.

Kids are opting out. High school age enrollment is off by 58.9%! College age Facebook membership took a 59.1% hit. In all, 11 Million young people have fled Facebook. 

In spite of this, the overall numbers are up...by 22! Roughly 180,000,000 Americans are on Facebook. 45.6% of them are male, 53.3% female and 1.1% unknown.

Did I give you enough numbers? How about one more? The largest increase in the "Interest" Category was "Rock & Roll Music." It increased in popularity by 5,852%.

Suffering a decline were "Sex" and "Drugs." What does all of this mean! It probably means that kids who say that they like sex and drugs, on the Internet, don't want their older family members to monitor their Facebook drama.

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