Chicago Cubs Unveil Mascot

His name is Clark. He's going to be the Chicago Cubs' mascot beginning with the 2014 season. Cubs' management claims that "Focus Groups" say that they want more of a family-friendly atmosphere at Wrigley.  Clark will greet fans at the ballpark before and during games. The adjacent picture is a drawing of what we can expect. The Cubs say that Clark will have a Facebook page and Twitter account.

Wrigley will be a little like Disney World!  Yippee!

This doesn't bother me, at all. I don't see what it has to do with baseball, but it's OK. It's been 106 years since the Cubs won the World Series. You might expect that the boys in the luxury boxes would be thinking about how they can win more games?  Still, I don't see anything wrong with them getting a cute little mascot for the kids. Maybe they should have gotten two, "Clark" and "Addison."  They could entertain the kids and make the adults less aware that the Cubs are playing the Cubs. They should be careful. Something like this could make them the laughing stock of the National League......maybe.

Oh, and maybe some pants?

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