L'Oreal vs Axelle - It's All Cosmetic!

Axelle Despiegelaere:
Jokes about hunting down Americans
So you have probably heard about the 17 year old Belgian girl who was "discovered" in the grandstands at Rio de Janeiro as Belgium payed against Russia in the World Cup. Axelle Despiegelaere's photo went viral and she supposedly received a modeling contract or offer from L'Oreal. The offer was later killed when L'Oreal caught wind of some of her Facebook pictures. Immediately we started pointing fingers at her or at L'Oreal as to who's the BAD GUY! Here's what we are missing. She's 17! Do you know of anyone who is 17 who has been on an African Safari? Do you know any 17 year olds who traveled to South America to watch a soccer game? The girl doesn't need a contract with L'Oreal. SHE'S RICH! There's nothing wrong with being rich. In this case, it makes here less of a victim. L'Oreal cares about their IMAGE. They don't care about the girl or the hunted animals. They care about their IMAGE. The situation is cosmetic! (Pun intended.) 

Did anybody read her caption below her Facebook picture? 

Read it! If you are an American you may be offended. I am an American and I am not offended since I have known girls like Axelle. Girls like her have never needed to make a serious decision on their own. They have never had to earn a paycheck. I don't expect her to be much more than a bimbo. Besides, L'Oreal, did you happen to see that large scar above the bridge of her nose? You could probably cover it with makeup, right? 


Anonymous said...

It seems you're the one with the issue, Tom. No-one said she was a victim, just you. Whether she is "rich" (your word) or not, is immaterial to the modelling contract. People are discovered as models in many strange places (shopping malls, just walking down the street).

I guess people shouldn't visit other parts of the world, either. Then they might remain as insular and seemingly ignorant as many Americans appear to be.

Chris Ludwig said...

I like it when people shoot with both barrels and yet remain Anonymous. Must be the girls mom or just a typical intent coward!