Tenth Anniversary Foto - Xena Kai

So, what can I do for my 10th Anniversary? Should I reveal a new Washington D.C. scandal? Naw, we'll see many more without any of my help! Here are a couple of pictures of a new friend of mine, Xena Kai. Xena is a supermodel from San Diego California. Supermodel? Sure, like this is a SUPERblog! Xena is 22 years old and has many pictures on the World Wide Web. I should point out that it is widely accepted that Xena is not working with 100% original parts. (I hate to burst your bubble.) Normally I shy away from models who are not 100% natural, but occasionally I break my own rules, either by error, or as in this case - on purpose. In either case, click the picture for a larger image, remember to eat your vegetables and don't spend too much time on-line.

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