10 Years of General Tom's Blog!

Ten Years of Stuff
Yes, it's been 10 years since I began this blog. During that time, I've seen many changes in the world and in blogging itself. This project began with opinion pieces and humor, some satire - you know, stuff like that. I got a few visitors but it wasn't enough. I branched out to include a Friday Foto. That changed everything! Finally, I was receiving hits from every corner of the world. Probably from pre-teen males who don't speak English.

I've always made this site SAFE FOR WORK. So, as you are busy doing things that your supervisor should be doing, and you need to take a break, you could always see what General Tom is doing.

There are so many public opinion sites and political sites on the Internet now that I don't see any reason to comepe with nor to copy them. I've noticed that the BLOG format is dying. It is being replaced by FACEBOOK and other social media. This is probably a natural evolution. With this blog I can reach an unlimited number of people - friends and strangers. With FACEBOOK I can only reach friends - usually on a guaranteed basis - but I'm still "preaching to the choir" and not growing. How's business? Really, not so hot. I use two hit counters and both are showing low numbers. That's OK. If you're reading this, I've succeeded at least a little. If you are reading this on the blog site, please visit the facebook page and "like us." After you "like us" be sure to "SHARE" anything that you see that you think may amuse your little Facebook friends. Thanks for reading this.

I wish you good health!
General Tom

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