Advertising Overdose

Red Zone Advertising
I love advertising. It's what I do for a living. If you use creativity, humor and some thought, it could be as enjoyable as the event that it is interrupting. In San Francisco, the local TV station that is carrying the 49ers pre season games has placed a large Toyota ad in the "red zones." These are electronically generated images, visable only on TV. Toyota pays big bucks for this. Problem's irritating to see, it's pre season football being played by many guys who probably won't be on the season roster. It's a waste of money, Toyota. Instead, why not a small logo icon in the corner of the screen. Maybe several versions of the logo - depending on how the 49ers are doing on the field. For example, when the 49ers commit a turnover, the logo would rapidly deflate. When they score, the logo could dance around a portion of the screen. This could add to the game!

 It is possible to make money without being stupid about it.

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