NFL Picks - Week 1, 2014

Steelers' "Warm Weather" uniform
This is the opening weekend of the 2014 NFL season. We, at the blog are almost excited to bring you another season of fearless predictions. It's been our experience that most of these predictions are "right on the money!" The problem is that often the teams screw it up for us, by losing - making the predictions look bad. You must realize that we (at the blog) don't win or LOSE the games. It's the millionaires on the field. It's a situation where we love the game, but some of the players......well some of them should be sitting on their front porches waiting for the mailman to bring them their monthly checks.

So, Week we go!

green bay at SEATTLE
NEW ORLEANS at atlanta
cincinnati at BALTIMORE 
buffalo at CHICAGO
washington at HOUSTON
tennessee at KANSAS CITY
NEW ENGLAND at miami
OAKLAND at jets
jacksonville at PHILA
cleveland at PITTSBURGH
MINNESOTA at st. louis

carolina at TAMPA BAY

indianapolis at DENVER

GIANTS at detroit
san diego at ARIZONA

This week's record 8 & 8.

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