Patrece Dayton - Hasty Comment

So I'm watching TV and I see a news promo for the local station's news. The anchor, Patrece Dayton, refers to President Bush's nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a HASTY DECISION! Let's back up a bit and assume that the tv audience has maybe a little bit of sense. Much of the significance of Bush's election to the presidency was that he would get to pick nominations to the Supreme Court. Among the aging associate justices, we had a Chief Justice who was suffering from throid cancer. Patrece, do you think that GW just met John Roberts recently? Don't you think that Roberts was on GW's "short list" for the Supreme Court for years? Of course he was! This was not a hasty decision. Yes, Roberts was, at first, named to replace retiring Judge O'Conner. Another opening came. Rehnquist's health has not been a secret. I am sure that our President knew that Rehnquist's days were numbered. Also, Patrece, you may be interested to know that the Chief Justice has one vote on judicial matters. The associate justices also have one vote.

Calling the Roberts nomination a HASTY DECISION makes it look like you disapprove. Psst, nobody gives a rat's ass about your personal feelings. Why this article, then? Because of the mainstream media declaration that President Bush made a hasty decision in nominating Roberts to the Chief Justice position. This is opinion (to show disapproval), not fact.
This is why I choose to not watch news on your TV station. Your ratings are a mystery to me...but then, that's my opinion.

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