ABC News Downsizing

The memo has been sent! ABC news is going to cut up to 25% of their 1,400 staff! Think of it! 1,400 people at ABC News? Why so many in the first place? I hope that whoever supported the idea of having 1,400 people is also being laid off. The sad thing is that whenever a large corporation cuts its staff, in this magnitude, the offenders find a way to hang on to their jobs. Also, we don't look at what brought on the financial hardships! You can usually find the problem by looking up. Up, as in upper management. They're the ones who are responsible for producing a superior product without going broke. There you go - a BS Degree in Business in one sentence! Superior product/service without going broke. Hey, bigshots at ABC - try to memorize that during your three hour lunch...and take the afternoon off!

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