NFL May Penalize N-word

This doesn't seem at all necessary to me. I never knew this, but the National Football League works with a group that monitors diversity. It's called the Fritz Pollard Alliance. John Wooten is in charge. They want the use of the N-word, on the field, to be punished by a 15 yard penalty. They will present their case to team owners in March.  I think this is stupid! If you are stupid enough to insult anyone on the field, you must expect to suffer the consequences. No matter how big and bad you may be, you're only one play away from a career ending injury. Wouldn't that be especially stupid if it were caused purposely in response to a racial slur? No, we don't need a 15 yard penalty. This is a problem that should take care of itself. 

Oh, something else, are there any words that can insult white players, or mixed race players, or Asian or pacific islander players? Let's not leave anyone out. If we do, wouldn't that be.....racist?

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