One Smart Cookie

Merchandising Munchies
Yes, this little 13 year old Girl Scout, Danielle Lei, is one smart cookie! She decided to sell her Girl Scout Cookies outside a Marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. The folks who work at the Green Cross facility had no problem with this. They even bought some for themselves! While I am no fan of marijuana nor of Girl Scout Cookies, I can certainly appreciate the kid's business sense. Danielle sold 117 boxes within two hours.  Earlier in February, someone made an on-line reference to a similar occurrence in Colorado. The Colorado Girl Scouts came out and attacked the story as being a hoax. The California Girl Scouts don't seem to be as uptight. Not surprising. The State of California is broke, it's refreshing to see anyone there turn a profit.

It's almost surprising that the state isn't trying to get a piece of the action.

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