NASCAR - Pro Wrestling On Wheels!

I may get some flack from the redneck faction, but I don't care! Rednecks don't read blogs - or anything else. You can tell by the way they talk.

This is another reason why NASCAR does not interest me. This segment of motorsports has evolved to a non-sport and is racing to the status of professional wrestling. If you look at the picture, you see Brad Keselowski's red Dodge flipping as a result of a nudge from Carl Edwards - the other car in the picture. Edwards was "out of the race" at this point, having spent much of the afternoon in the pits. What you see is "payback" for some of Keselowski's earlier alleged transgressions involving Edwards.

Where is the officiating? People could get killed with this kind of horsesh*t! There's so much money involved that the NASCAR bosses care about nothing else.

NASCAR...professional wrestling on wheels! This Sunday afternoon, I'll be taking a nap!

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