Droid SmartPhone Explodes

Here's a reason to hate cellphones. Aaron Embry had just finished a call when his Motorola Droid smart phone exploded. He was rushed to the emergency room where four stitched stopped the bleeding.

This happened on Thursday at Ray Elementary School in Cedar Hill, Texas...just a hop and a skip north of Dallas.

Embry says that he has no hearing loss. He had purchased the phone only 2 days earlier. The "glass" on the face of the Motorola Droid smart phone apparently shattered. The phone still appears to be functioning, and its battery was intact.

This has happened, before. Embry was lucky - just a few months ago, a 23-year-old man died after his phone exploded in North India.

Most reports of exploding phones happen when they are in charging mode, which was the case in China. The phone of a 27-year-old housewife exploded while she was talking to her husband as the phone was being charged. She too was killed.

There was another incident reported in Wyoming a few years ago. A 19-year-old co-ed suffered second to third-degree burns while sleeping. Her phone had been charging near her when it caught fire. She was injured while trying to extinguish the fire.

My advice, read the damn instructions and warnings. Also, use a land line whenever possible. The audio is better and you don't have to yell...

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