Jeter OKs Offer

We all have our price. Derek Jeter finally got what he wanted. He remains the highest paid shortstop in history with a 3 year deal worth somewhere between $51 and $65 million. It's complicated. The amount depends on a points system. He earns points based on if he finishes anywhere among top six in AL MVP voting and if he wins World Series MVP, league championship series MVP, Gold Glove or Silver Slugger Awards.

He also has an option for a fourth year. He'll be 39 when he has to make that decision.

This is alotta money, and it ultimately comes from the fans. If you are a Yankees fan, you probably want Jeter on your team - at any cost! After all, where else can you find a shortstop who can hit .270 with an on-base percentage of .340 and a slugging percentage of .370?

Those were his numbers for the 2009 season...a "contract" year.
He just signed a 3 year deal at $17 million per year...somehow, the numbers don't add up.

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