Winona Ryder Will Not Read This

Winona Ryder says that she does not use the Internet.

In the January issue of Elle magazine, Winona says, "Apparently you can find out everything on it. I have my e-mail on my BlackBerry, and that's about it. I've never read a blog, ever."

Does this seem a little odd to you? Aside from using e-mail. E-mail is on the Internet, but I understand what she means. I don't believe her. I think that this is her way of creating an illusion of being mysterious. (They do that in Hollywood.)

What I would really like to know, what Elle should really ask her, is why she hasn't had any significant roles in the past eight or nine years?

She's pretty, talented and thin as a rail - just the way that the gay Hollywood big shots prefer. Unles she's "hard to work with," I don't understand why she's not as "in demand" as some other actresses.

Remember, Winona says that she does not use the Internet and that she has never read a blog. If I get a negative comment from "Anonymous" on this post, telling me that I'm all wet and where I should go and what I should eat, I'll know it's you, Winona!

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