Anne Francis Dies

Anne Francis

Anne Francis died, yesterday. She had been ill for a few years, she was 80.

For those of you who may not be familiar with her work, I knew her as "Honey West" - where she starred in her own private detective drama. The show ran 1965-1966 for a total of 30 episodes. It was the first network TV drama with a woman's name in the title and lead role. It is said that she played the role of a sexy private detective. YES, but it wasn't her appearance, it was her - the way she was - that separated her from most other actresses.

Her acting included some 1950's Science Fiction, most notably "Forbidden Planet." Rent this one! It is way ahead of it's time! She also felt at home in westerns and any other setting as she guest starred on many TV shows.

Normally when we say "goodbye" to and actor or entertainer we say that this person "will be missed." That's true, here, but in my case, she will be missed almost as much as she is remembered!

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