"Money For Nothing" Banned In Canada

You've heard the song, Money For Nothing by Dire Straits, right? Well, if you live in Canada, you won't hear that song on the radio anymore!

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has deemed the song offensive. This is because one listener complained about the lyrics, which contain the word "Faggot." The (one) listener claimed that that word is extremely offensive to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Folks, it's only been 25 years since the song was a #1 hit in the USA for 3 weeks. The song won Dire Straits a Grammy for "Best Rock Performance." It's a rock classic! The then state-of-the-art computer-animation video was also the first music video to air on MTV Europe.

The council said: "The societal values at issue a quarter-century later have shifted and the broadcast of the song in 2010 must reflect those values, rather than those of 1985."

General Tom says, it's just a song! If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Taking this song off the air in Canada will do more to harm the gay agenda than it will to help it.

Oh, Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, have you listened to much Hip-Hop lately?

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