Rams Equipment Manager Fired

Steve Spagnuolo

The St. Louis Rams didn't quite make it to the playoffs, this year. So, as you may expect, changes will be made.

Rams' head coach, Steve Spagnuolo who has a 4 year $11.5 million dollar contract, decided to start changing things by firing his equipment manager, Tony Hewitt! Tony had been appointed equipment manager in 1986, succeeding his father, the late Don Hewitt, who’d held the position since 1967. Last Friday, Steve Spagnuolo fired him because he wanted to move in a different direction. Hewitt says the coach criticized the way he distributed socks. Spagnuolo questioned the way he hung wall fixtures. He scoffed at him for loading the team plane too slowly.

Tony...you may want with talk to an attorney.
Spagnuolo...you may want to talk with a shrink!

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