Casey Anthony NBC Interview?

Casey Anthony
As of this writing, Casey Anthony has a little over two days remaining in jail. She is scheduled to be released on Sunday morning. It is believed that she will immediately board a plane. Not a bad idea - for her.

Meanwhile, Jose Baez (her attorney) spent a few days in New York City, this week, talking with the suits at NBC. Speculation is that Casey Anthony will be interviewed by the peacock people. There may or may not be cash paid for the interview. If there is a fee, the network would probably want "an exclusive."

Remember when journalism was journalism and the news makers were never paid? Now it is common for celebrities to give interviews in exchange for promoting a movie or a book. Casey Anthony writing a book? I have absolutely no doubt. The talk of an interview with NBC was for an event 6 to 9 months down the road. A book could easily be written within this time. But they must hurry! People who would pay good money for this book are likely to have a short attention span. Wait too long and they will confuse Casey Anthony with Jennifer Lopez' sister-in-law!

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