Friday Foto Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro

Claudia Sampedro
Friday Foto time and I ran across a picture of Claudia Sampedro and I find out that she's dating Reggie Bush. That's OK, of course. Reggie or no Reggie, she is definate Friday Foto material. It's actually good that quality babes like Claudia should seek out guys who can earn a good paycheck. This is not often the case...but I digress.

Claudia is a singer, actress and model.,  Sharing some time with Reggie Bush could only help her career.   But, I should point out that love is a beautiful thing..........

 Are you still reading?

Claudia was born in Cuba.  Her parents were from Columbia. 

I  feel that I should add enough text so that I can surround this post with enough words to cover two pictures of this incredible lady.

As usual, click the images to get the full effect and have a great weekend!

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