Happy Birthday, Blog

It was 7 years, today, that I started this thing. It was designed to be a hobby...and it probably still is.

I would like to thank my readers from all over the world! As I average almost 500 visits per day, from more than 150 countries, I know that most of you are looking at the Monday, Wednesday and Friday Fotos. That's OK with me. The majority of the material deals with random thoughts from the rational to the absurd.

Wow, 7 years and 1,933 posts! Like I say, it's a hobby - it costs nothing and, on occasion, is fun.

You will notice that I have written about stories from all over the world.  It was always my intention to make this blog as international as possible.  Fewer than 40%  of my readers are from the USA.

Thanks, again, for visiting...please continue!

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