Dirty Dancing Remake

Some things are so special that they cannot be imitated nor enhanced. Dirty Dancing was a low budget classic...a hit movie that wasn't supposed to be. Every part of that story was perfect. The time period was portrayed accurately, the costumes, the language, the acting, the direction, and yes, the dancing, were all perfectly executed. The casting was nothing short of genius!

Why someone would try to redo this picture is beyond me! I can't see any room for improvement.

If Hollywood wants to make a teenage, coming of age, romance, there are many different possibilities. I can think of half a dozen off the top of my head.

Do we ever hear of an artist attempting to do a remake of the Mona Lisa? Of course not!

I'd much rather see that we leave the classics alone and see us develop some fresh thought...c'mon, it's Hollywood...we can fake it!

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