Friday Foto - Unknown

Time for the Friday Foto. This is a feature where I showcase the visual appeal of an aspiring model or actress. Usually it's a young lady with a cult following.

The feature has proven to be so popular that I have expanded it to Monday and Friday posts.

This week is a little different. I do not know the name of the lady in the picture. If anyone can help me, please, submit a comment! In the meantime, click the image to get the full effect and have a great weekend!


Joe Shmoe said...

Tom, that's Denise Milani.

General Tom said...

Thanks, Joe! Of course, it's the classic Denise Milani. I'm surprised that I didn't pick up on it, myself.

Reese said...

Yep Denise Milani.

You should see the collages I made for her Yahoo Group!